Ideas to Get Higher Marks in Exam

Exams. Just hearing this word fills the terror inside the heart of most students. What students fear most about the exams are the low marks they get. But what they don’t understand that getting good marks in exams in no rocket science. Anyone can easily achieve good marks in exams if they follow the 5steps that we’re going to tell you in this article.

  1. Make a Blueprint

To achieve any checkpoint there is a need to make a blueprint that tells exactly what you should do. Similarly to get good marks in exam you must have a time table to stick into. Allocate appropriate time to each subjects as per its requirement. If you’re weak in any subject then spend more time on that subject. Also while appearing for the examination you should give appropriate time to each question. Leave those questions which you have not fully prepared for later.

  1. Concentration is the key

What makes a time-table unfollowable is the lack of concentration. Our mind wanders around everytime when we study the topics that is out of our interest. This is what makes us miss the important information. Pay closer attention in classes as this is what ensures about 50% of your marks without extra preparation. Don’t let yourself get distracted when you’re studying. Play chess in your free time. This helps build your concentration and make you brain think faster which proves to be useful during exam.

  1. Quality Study

Marks is equivalent to your knowledge. You can’t score high marks if all you just do is cramming instead of actually understanding the topic. Aim for deeper research in the subject and write notes whenever possible. Also revise it periodically

  1. Quality Writing

The marks you get is not only for what you’ve written but also for how you’ve written it. If your handwriting is bad or you make a lot of grammatical mistakes or both then it results in getting relatively low marks than others having good handwriting and grammar skills. Write the answers in points or small paragraphs rather than a long essay and you’ll easily see a hike in your marks.

  1. Re-Check the Paper before Submission

Most of the marks gets deducted due to the inappropriate numbering of the answers and some common spelling mistakes. To avoid this try to complete the paper at least 15 minutes before and dedicate that time to verify your answers and check if any question is left unanswered.

By keeping these points in your mind and applying these steps in your school or college life, you can easily get high rank among the others and score well in all your exams.

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