IELTS Tips & Tricks to achieve higher bands

There are so many professionals attempt IELTS exam without preparation but are unable to get required result. For the Purpose, you need to know some strategies. If you have experienced and qualified IELTS Trainer or Expert. Certainly, you will get desired results in first attempt. Here are Tips and Tricks in detail.


Your length and pattern is very important .for instance, there are types of essays and letters and reports and every type has different pattern to be followed. Furthermore, some other skills are assessed such as

  • Task achievement :Your answer should be relevant to the question
  • Grammatical range and accuracy:Your tenses, structures, prepositions, punctuation, passive, conditionals should be fine
  • Coherence&cohesion: Your ideas, sentences, paragraphs should be well linked and established and connective words should be used appropriately.
  • Lexical resources:Your vocabulary should not be repetitive – use better vocabs and idioms


  • Avail the time to scan question before starting of any recording
  • Write all your answers in capital letters to avoid any mistake
  • After every recording there is some time for checking, try to use that time for next questions reading and scanning
  • Never leave any question blank, you can predict the answer – most often it is correct.
  • Don’t care about spelling during recordings. It may be corrected at the end when being copied to the answer sheet.


  • Usually first passages are easier than passage 3.
  • It is recommended to skim the passages firstly to have the idea about the topic.
  • Scan your questions key words and search in the passage with its synonyms and find the right answers in few seconds.
  • If you do not know the meaning of every words so try to understand via contextual understanding. Because you have to choose the right answers not the central idea of the passage.


  • Keep on speaking. The more you speak the higher you score.
  • Talk anything but it should be relevant to the questions. Remember! Your English is being tested not the ideas and information.
  • Your answers neither should be longer nor shorter.
  • Most difficult part is 2. In this , you have to speak at least 60 to 90 minutes

Improve your skills rather than focusing on tips and tricks

Imagine if your basic grammar and understanding of English is alright you can work on tips and tricks to achieve your desire scores. in fact, there are many students they just want to know about tips and tricks to get desired results in short time which is impossible. Let`s say, you are building a house of many floors and putting strong material in his foundation so will the building be stronger? Of course not. Same as with the IELTS if your base is strong so you can uplift your skills easily and get phenomenal results.

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