Instagram is the best social media

If you have crush on someone and recently meet a beautiful girl and you cannot forget her then view private instagrams because instagram is the perfect solution. In the present era instagram is a popular social media where you can find the pictures of your loved ones with beautiful pictures. Instragram is a famous social network where you can find beautiful pictures of people you want to see. But anyone cannot see those photos because if people keep their account private then it is not possible for you to see their pictures.

Now-a-days instagram become a famous social media site. You can find two types of account in instagram, one is public account and the other is private account. In the private account anyone can follow you and can see your pictures which you have post but in the private account there are strict settings so that only selected people can see the activities of the private account holder. You can see the private account holder’s activities if that people allows you and accept your request. If not so then you have to view private instagrams.

How to view private instagram profiles?

Everybody do not know how to view private instagrams but we have the answer. After reading this it will become easy for you to view private instagrams.

The easy way to view private instagrams profile is to send request to that person and if that person accepts your request then there will be no problem at all and you can easily see that persons profile and can also talk to him or her. You can send him or her a message and if the person reply to you then this is the best way. You have to make your profile decent so that she cannot reject your request.

The second option is create a fake ID. If you want to view private instagrams then creating a fake account is the best option. Create a fake account and select a girl’s  photo as a display picture. If you want to look at a girls account then this is the best way. This type of profile picture can accepted quickly.

The third option is probably the best one to view private instagrams profiles is to use Instagram profile viewing tools but it is a bit risky one. There are many private profile viwer tools by which you can easily view private instagrams profile. These tools helps you to see the hidden pictures of the private instagram accounts. While you visit the hack site you have to give your instagram user name. Then not only you can see the private instagram pictures but also download those pictures. While the site you may have to give some personal data but it is advised that not to give any types of personal information. The above three ways are for viewing private instagram profiles. It is better to follow the first step but if it is not possible then go for the private profile viewing too.