What is 4K TV? Is 4K TV Different from UHD?

HD LCD TV and standard definition TVs have become the things of the past. These days, ultra high definition TVs which come with 4K quality are on trend. 4K or High Dynamic Range (HDR) provides truly immersive experience of watching TV.

If you have large room for top rated 65 inch TV in your living room and you love watching TV or playing games on PS, then go for it.  You can get 4K smart TV in large size to get the best viewing experience. 65 inch is the ideal display size for 4K TVs.

What is 4K TV?

The term ‘4K TV’ is widely used to describe the display technology which provides the pixel count that is 4 times the resolution of common full HD TV. It doesn’t mean a 4K TV should have up to 4000 pixels in horizontal pixels. With up to 3840×2160 pixels of resolution (like several 4K TVs, though some models come with 1920x1080p full HD TVs, and some 4K models have up to 4000p horizontal resolutions). Some of the TVs have flat screen while some are curved.

4K TVs also provide plenty of technical features that leave several HD TVs behind. For example, they have a lot better frame rates, ability to upgrade HD video, superior wide color palettes, and full 3D capacity and HDR contrast ratios.

4K vs. UHD

When it comes to branding, 4K and UHD are the same. TV makers use both of these terms to describe same technology. But 4K is actually different in display resolution which is up to 4 times bigger than normal 1080p.

On the other side, UHD is used to describe the range which is usually larger than 1920x1080p full HD. For example, any kind of resolution that cannot match 4K levels but gives you double the pixel density of 1920x1080p would be known as UHD and any resolution which goes beyond 4K TV, for example 8K at 7680x4320p would be UHD.

There are different types of 4K resolutions, for example 3996x2160p and 4096x2160p. All in all, 4K is a format which can outperform almost anything that is available commercially.


As a general rule, you should go with the best and largest 4K TV according to your budget and don’t stretch yourself too much for a TV which provides little more space but leaves you broke. For example, if a 55” model from a top brand costs hundreds of dollars less than 65” model, it is better to go with 55 inch model if you are running low on budget. In short, bigger is better with 4K HD TVs. Larger TVs are better as compared to smaller TV. Some models have better display than large models.