Features Of Purevpn Torrenting

As a matter of fact, the technology has changed the ways of life. The new inventions are making things easier. The Internet has revolutionized everything. We use the internet for several purposes. In this article, we will discuss the Purevpn Torrenting and its features. VPN services are advertised as tools to get uncensored access to the Internet. Purevpn is a paid service and claims to provide online privacy and security to the users. It is considered one of the best VPNs for truly anonymous Torrenting. The zero logic policy of the Purevpn makes it popular in the list of top VPN companies.

Features OF Purevpn:

It is a Hong Kong based company founded in 2007. Torrenting is a great facility to share large files with massive audience but the problem is the privacy. With the Purevpn Torrenting you can share large peer to peer files within few minutes. The large number of fast proxy servers of Purevpn makes it ideal for anonymizing torrent activities. It makes encrypted tunnels between your device and the internet. It secures your identity while you continue Torrenting. As VPN protects your data through sophisticated protocols so is some hacker gets into your network security he would get nothing. Following are the features of Purevpn:

It has the large number of tools to increase security.

  • All the tools are easy to use, and the user can control the each option from the same place. So there is no need to wander around to find the other options.
  • In app settings, the user can choose a few different things. The user can choose the protocol. In fact, there is an option of choosing the best protocol automatically. But it depends on the connection of each user.
  • Another great feature is that the Purevpn is in almost eight languages. These languages include German, Turkish, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, English, and Dutch. So you can choose a language and use the Purevpn without any hurdle.
  • In the selection Mode option, you can choose a mode for the VPN connection. After selecting a mode, the software will enhance the user experience. If you select the option of File Sharing, it will optimize the torrent for file sharing.
  • You can select among the internet freedom, Stream, Security, Privacy, Remote IP or the file sharing mode.
  • In the advanced options, there are two important panels security and the internet kill switch.
  • In security options, you would be able to increase the security of the connection.
  • And in the internet kill switch option, it kills the internet connection when VPN connection drops. In that case, your IP remains safe and is not exposed.
  • With another feature called split tunneling, you can choose the application that will run through VPN. It means that only the selected application will run through VPN.
  • Another interesting feature of Purevpn is that you can VPN WiFi hot spot. The best part is that it will also be encrypted and safe.