IELTS Tips & Tricks to achieve higher bands

There are so many professionals attempt IELTS exam without preparation but are unable to get required result. For the Purpose, you need to know some strategies. If you have experienced and qualified IELTS Trainer or Expert. Certainly, you will get desired results in first attempt. Here are Tips and Tricks in detail.


Your length and pattern is very important .for instance, there are types of essays and letters and reports and every type has different pattern to be followed. Furthermore, some other skills are assessed such as

  • Task achievement :Your answer should be relevant to the question
  • Grammatical range and accuracy:Your tenses, structures, prepositions, punctuation, passive, conditionals should be fine
  • Coherence&cohesion: Your ideas, sentences, paragraphs should be well linked and established and connective words should be used appropriately.
  • Lexical resources:Your vocabulary should not be repetitive – use better vocabs and idioms


  • Avail the time to scan question before starting of any recording
  • Write all your answers in capital letters to avoid any mistake
  • After every recording there is some time for checking, try to use that time for next questions reading and scanning
  • Never leave any question blank, you can predict the answer – most often it is correct.
  • Don’t care about spelling during recordings. It may be corrected at the end when being copied to the answer sheet.


  • Usually first passages are easier than passage 3.
  • It is recommended to skim the passages firstly to have the idea about the topic.
  • Scan your questions key words and search in the passage with its synonyms and find the right answers in few seconds.
  • If you do not know the meaning of every words so try to understand via contextual understanding. Because you have to choose the right answers not the central idea of the passage.


  • Keep on speaking. The more you speak the higher you score.
  • Talk anything but it should be relevant to the questions. Remember! Your English is being tested not the ideas and information.
  • Your answers neither should be longer nor shorter.
  • Most difficult part is 2. In this , you have to speak at least 60 to 90 minutes

Improve your skills rather than focusing on tips and tricks

Imagine if your basic grammar and understanding of English is alright you can work on tips and tricks to achieve your desire scores. in fact, there are many students they just want to know about tips and tricks to get desired results in short time which is impossible. Let`s say, you are building a house of many floors and putting strong material in his foundation so will the building be stronger? Of course not. Same as with the IELTS if your base is strong so you can uplift your skills easily and get phenomenal results.

IELTS at Sir Shirazi `s Academy

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The Effects of Uber on Drunk Driving

According to the Uber statistics for the year 2016, the cases of DUI have significantly dropped in the cities where its services are running. The comparative analysis in the USA from 2013 to 2016 has shown considerable results. The number of arrests has reportedly gone down by 30%- 40% on an average all over the nation. The incidents of drunken driving deaths have also reportedly decreased among the different age groups.

Uber Statistics on Drunken Driving Deaths

The Uber statistics have been considered for people in the age group between 16 and 75+. The statistical data has been split with an average difference of 4 to 10 years.  The number of reported deaths seems to be highest among the age group between 21 and 24, followed by 25-34 and 35-44. The average death rate decreases with increase in age. The average decrease in the alcohol related driving deaths has reportedly gone down by more than 7% in 2016 compared to the data in 2014.

The effects off uber on drunk driving
Several probable reasons have been attributed to this decrease due to Uber presence in the American cities.

  • The system implements a foolproof method by which all the possibilities of drunken people driving the car are reduced.
  • The system implements automatic ignition locking mechanism in its cars when the driver is drunk. The reliability of the technology has reportedly dissuaded people from driving after drinking.
  • Uber implements the system of awareness training among the drivers about the dangerous consequences of drunken driving. This effort has been in effect since long. But it is claimed that the methods used by the new system are more practical in nature.

Role of DUI Attorneys Houston TX

DUI Attorneys Houston TX system has been playing a critical role in educating the people about the drinking and driving consequences.

  • The effort is not only towards creating the awareness, but also for creating a genuine willingness among the people to avoid drunken driving. This is said to be entirely new approach as it has worked practically.
  • The attorneys make every effort to reduce the punishments and penalties imposed on first time offenders. Their aim is to avoid driving license suspension and cancellation.

Drinking and Driving Consequences

The effects off uber on drunk drivingThe intensity of drinking and driving consequences may vary from getting a suspended license to tragic death on the road. The drivers need to have a conscious awareness about their responsibility for avoiding driving when drunk. If that is not possible, the best way is to stay sober while driving.

  • The psychological urge to get drunk could be reduced considerably by eating calorie rich food rather than hitting the bottle. By keeping the stomach full with food, the craving for drink can be reduced.
  • Avoiding excess of physical stress, emotional disturbance and loneliness also one could put off the craving for drink before driving.
  • These simple methods could work if the person is genuinely willing to avoid drunken driving and its consequences, which affect not only the present life, but also the future.

Fill Your Life With Adventure By Switching To Ministry Coaching

It is not fully prudent to risk the thrill that adventure gives you. It might do more harm than good by providing for an emotional rush rather than doing something really dangerous. But it never means that you would behave in an erratic way to merely break the chain of boredom and mundaneness. Ministry Coaching will help you in having an adventurous life for the proliferation of the rule of God and betterment of the society. They always suggests not to practice and indulge into adventure just for the sake of it.

Ministry Coaching

Believing in God can really help you in attaining the truest adventure

Ministry Coaching will help you in getting the instinct to call people in the name of God to do some right in the world. You should trust the Holy Father who will actually guide you in loving people and provide you the impetus in supplying them with the real and right needs for the community. The truest adventure will be when you can persuade people, say even a mere handful, to join hands with you in developing themselves and their talents. The skills you’ll receive through Ministry Coaching can also help you in reaching to the persons you had estranged and gain them back in your life.

Don’t aim for ostentatiousness and believe in the real value

What was good if you had fallen for that person who was older than you, but who treat others with irritation and disrespect? What is attendance if the person who are attending the service doesn’t contributes either their time or money, and never attributes to any welfare in their name? Ministry Coaching strictly tells that such showiness is nothing but sham. Look for those persons who are really willing to bring a change in this society but doesn’t knows the actual way or the path to direct their vision. Help them achieve what they want and you can visualize the power of Ministry Coaching.

Five principles to remove cowardice from your lives

There are five important principles used by the pastors who impart Ministry Coaching to the novices in order to remove the cowardice form their lives.

  • Courageous leadership doesn’t means knowledge, technique or skill. It is the presence of the leader while he moves in through his life.
  • It is you and only you who is fully responsible for your destiny and emotional well-being.
  • Promote a very healthy distinguishing factor within the system or church which you lead.
  • During the times of need and turmoil, act as an exemplar to banish the threats and backlash.
  • Don’t try to impart the knowledge to all in a direct manner. You need to inculcate the unmotivated with the right skill set and insight to bring about a particular change.

Ministry Coaching

Reintroduce yourself to a life full of adventure with Ministry Coaching

Edward Friedman had said that: “What our civilisation needs are leaders with an acute sense of adventure in them…” and he was true. Because it is a proof that every comfort and benefit of production that we had received until now is only due to the fact that adventure was put before safety. Ministry Coaching will help you imbibe the same qualities in your lives.

5 Useful Tips In Choosing The Best Motorhome

private hire arrangementsGoing to occasion with your family is maybe the thing that you have longed for all the year. At long last, you can see this fantasy satisfied. In the event that you need to make it truly uncommon, you can lease a motorhome and go to a unique goal in nature. In any case, watchful arranging is the key of accomplishment and on the off chance that you focus on a couple of things when you are leasing your motorhome, you might have the capacity to settle on a superior choice. Perused on and you may discover valuable tips that will help you pick the privilege private hire arrangements.

  1. Number of people. Clearly, this is the most vital perspective. In the event that you are only 3 people, you will require a littler motorhome. You will pay less cash for this. Then again, you can accumulate your whole family and discover lease private hire arrangements for at least 5 people. Ensure that you pick appropriately.
  2. Space and solace. In the event that you plan to carry a ton of things with you, maybe it is a smart thought to lease a greater RV. You might need to remain in solace and style; consequently a more extensive vehicle will please you and your relatives.
  3. Length of stay and separation to the goal. On the off chance that you remain for a more drawn out timeframe, similar to over seven days, you may require extra supplies. This implies you should have a greater space that will be involved by your gear. For this situation, it is a smart thought to pick a greater vehicle. Ensure that you pack all that you require, from extra gas canisters to more match of socks.
  4. Courtesies. More sumptuous vehicles have more offices for you and your family. In spite of the fact that you should pay a tad bit more, you will appreciate a shower and microwave inside your motorhome. Determine your inclinations when you are leasing the motorhome. An expert organization will have the capacity to furnish you with the correct RVs.
  5. Vehicle inclination. Maybe you like a specific kind of motorhome on the grounds that it is more solid or has an expanded range. Ensure that you examine the armada of the organization you are leasing from and you pick as indicated by your inclinations also.

private hire arrangementsLeasing the privilege private hire arrangements will ensure the accomplishment of your vacation. Not just that you may have the capacity to spare cash on the off chance that you buy the correct vehicle, additionally you will appreciate a sheltered and delightful outing to your goal. Ensure that you have a long visit with the folks from the organization you are leasing and you indicate them your requirements and inclinations. You may have the capacity to locate the ideal vehicle for your trek and you will have an extraordinary occasion.

Additionally, remember that new motorhomes are entering the market every year and it would be a smart thought to scan for an organization that will give you the most recent vehicles. More often than not, more current vehicles are all the more effective and solid and this is in your advantage.


Reasons which affects our teeth and form many diseases

Free Dental in Stone Oak and San Antonio Texas for Teeth Cleaning

Due to our daily lifestyles and different types of drinks that we consume, our teeth get affected and its colour also gets changed. Mostly yellow stained are the problems in the teeth colouring and thus it can be easily removed by the professional treatment by the dentist. Everyday brushing and taking the basic care sometimes cannot help in removing the stains. So in that case taking the help of the experts and the dentists will help in getting the right solution. Also sometimes the deposition of unwanted particles in the teeth can also led to the plague and led to long lasting problems.

How to deal with these teeth problems?

The professional dentists will help you in getting the solution of keeping the teeth in good shape in flawless with the perfect white colour. Free dental in stone oak and San Antonio Texas for teeth cleaning can help anyone to take the treatment and can prevent the problem. Sometime special treatment can have the charge and it may also led to the proper cleaning of the teeth. But don’t even go backward for the cost and thus it can be a great way to handle the right solution for the problem.

Plague- it is a long lasting effect of the teeth

Moreover besides this one the yellowing of the teeth is the inception of the plague. Plague can be quite dangerous and it can cause many long lasting teeth problems. And this can also affects the gums and thus it increases the teeth problems. And here the dental cares by the experts are necessary for the solution. Dentists can help you to get the right solution and thus one can be quite assured of the treatment. While dealing with the cost, free dental in stone oak and San Antonio Texas for teeth cleaning can be helpful to reduce the cost of the treatment.  And thus the free treatment can be taken by anyone who wants to have such dental treatment done by the experts.

How to get note of the free check-ups?

Now the question comes how to know about the free dental in stone oak and San Antonio Texas for teeth cleaning? There are many places and the internet s the right source which can give the news of the free camps and the free dental check-ups. Through the internet you can also get the news of the discount dental check-ups that are being held by some clinics and thus it can be quite helpful for many people to get the right solution for their oral problems.

The tooth cleaning is not a very lengthy process and thus it can help to keep the teeth in healthy condition. It is being advised to go for regular check-ups of the teeth with the professionals and thus it can help you to prevent any serious oral diseases. Also the gum has to be taken care along with the teeth. Have a good dentist and consult with the doctor for better oral care. Know about the home basics from them and visit the dentist as being advised by the doctor and make it a good habit of taking care of health.

Fort Worth Small Business Lead Generation Service

We are living in the age of the internet and technology. As a matter of fact, the internet has paved the ways of our lives. In the past, we used internet for different purposes such as communication, education and entertainment. But with the passage of time, things changed. Now the internet is the source of many people’s earnings. Yes, this is the age of Search engine optimization. People make websites and get them ranked at Google to earn money. If you want to get more information about how to turn the websites into money producing machines, then you should visit

Fort Worth SEO

Optimize Your Websites:

Well, many of you may not be aware of that the internet has become the source of earning as well. You can now earn profits by making websites and getting them ranked at Google. As a matter of fact, the SEO is the future of the world. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process of affecting the visibility of the sites. Get more information from Fort Worth SEO to get your site at the top of the search engines.  Let’s take a look at the steps involved in optimizing a website:

  • The Content:

The content is the king of the search engine optimization. The reader will come across your web site find the informational content. And if the content on a website is great the reader will stay more on your website. If you have original and quality content on your website, then the search engine will recognize it.

  • Get Links:

Once you have written a good content for your website in the next step you have to bring the links. Getting links for your website does not mean that you can take the link from any internet site. Always bring the natural links to your website.

  • Add Images To Your Data:

The website that has images attracts the reader, and he/she loves to browse your website. So once you have got the quality content add images to it. The images in website leave a positive impact.

  • Get Branded Keywords:

The search engines only rank a website that has branded keywords. In fact, if you will keep using non-branded keywords the search engine might think that you are manipulating. So to keep it natural you should get use the branded keywords as anchor text.

  • Avoid Copying The Content:

The most important thing in search engine optimization is that the search engines like original content. So if you want to optimize your website then avoid copying the content. Moreover, you should keep an eye on the word count as well.

Thus if you want to get ranking on the search engines then make sure that you are doing the SEO in an exact manner. The high power link building campaign can take your website at the top of the search engine ranking. Avoid the unnatural looking back links and make your website a product that earns profits for you. So you can use the internet as the source of earning money.

Defeat Your Competitor! Opt For The 8 Ball Pool Cheats

The games and the gamers are the best possible existence in this world. The various games are the real reason why the digitalization of the world can be called a success. The people around the world can easily vouch for the fact that since the time the digitalization has existed the games have even made the best for the people. There are various games that have developed over a period of time and this happened mainly due to the technology. The trend of the online games are exactly what the people needs to know about right now. The 8 ball pool is one of the most famous games that the people can come around with. This is probably the exact reason why the people may need the 8 ball pool cheats for themselves.

8 ball pool cheats

The reasons why the hacks should be tried:

There are various reasons why people should makes sure of the fact that they are using the 8 ball pool cheats. The best part of these cheats are that these cheats make sure of the very fact that he following advantages are provided to the people:

  • An extended life: This is definitely the very first advantage that the 8 ball pool cheats can provide the people with. The extended life is equivalent to a never ending one and this is probably the best possible thing that the people should think of. The extended life is the exact life that the people would need to continue playing forever.
  • Upgrading facilities: This is definitely the very next thing that the people should understand about. The upgrading facilities are exactly what the people would need for themselves no matter what. This will ensure of the very fact that they are actually way ahead of their competitors.
  • The various types of rewarding facilities: With the 8 ball pool cheats people can make sure that they are rewarding themselves with an immense of rewarding facilities that are available. This thing is something that is very much for the people to understand. The rewarding facilities make them the get through with the best.
  • Better understanding over the competitors: This obviously matters the most. People with the very help of the 8 ball pool cheats can make sure of the very fact that they will definitely understand each and every move of the competitors in the best possible way of course.

Places from where people can get these hacks:

There are various ways that the people can actually use in order to get through with these hacks. The various software and the various online tools are the exact things that the people should look forward to no matter what. The online tools are though the best when it comes to getting through with the hacks and this is exactly what the people should know about.

There are various reasons why the people should use these online tools as they will provide not only with the genuine results but also with an ample amount of safety features overall.

Aviya Mattress Review

Innerspring mattresses are not as common with the online-only companies (due to shipping constraints), so I was excited to get a chance to review a new one.

Aviya is significantly less expensive than similar companies (think Saatva or WinkBeds), so I was actually very surprised to see the quality so high. You can check aviya mattress review here:

Though overall I really liked the mattress overall and had a good experience, I had a few complaints as well.

You’ll love Aviya if you…

  • Want great value – Aviya is one of the few online-only companies to offer an innerspring mattress, so as result of the business model you’ll see great value compared to the big guys (like Beautyrest)
  • Like the innerspring feel – Aviya does have a layer of foam on top, but it feels more like a spring mattress (some hybrids feel more like a foam mattress)
  • Have a firmness preference – Aviya offers plush, luxury firm, and firm models (I tried the luxury firm).
  • Have a lower budget – Aviya is priced pretty significantly below competitors ($799 for a Queen size), I really can’t name an innerspring competitor in this price range with a better mattress

You may not like Aviya if you…

  • Prefer a foam feel – Aviya does have a top layer of foam, but it feels more like an innerspring mattress in general.  The plush model may have a bit more of a foam feel, but I suspect it will still generally act like an innerspring mattress.
  • Want a true luxury mattress – Aviya is a great mattress and great value, but if you’re willing to pay up, more expensive mattresses will offer more luxury specs.

Aviya Firmness and Feel

You can see in the video below that Aviya definitely feels and behaves like an innerspring mattress.  The model shown in the video is again the Luxury-Firm, which I recommend for 90% of sleepers.  Only go with the Plush or Firm models if you have a very strong firmness preference.

The mattress has great spring and a very average firmness for this model, I’d say 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale.  Note that if you are very heavy or light the mattress firmness will feel very different, so make sure to consider that in your purchase decision.

Aviya Motion Transfer Test

With any innerspring mattress, you should always take a close look at the motion isolation performance.  If you sleep with a partner on a poorly constructed innerspring mattress, you are going to be disturbed any time they move at all.  Fortunately Aviya considered motion transfer in their construction, and performs way above average on the motion transfer test.

Aviya Mattress Construction

Aviya is manufactured by a team with many years in the mattress industry, so they definitely took the time to make a well constructed mattress (they definitely spent some time thinking about long-term durability).

The construction changes slightly based on the model, but generally the layers consist of:

  • Quilted cover: foam quilted layer with a stretch-knit cover
  • Top comfort layer: 1.8 pcf polyurethane foam (amount varies by model)
  • Foam support layer: 1.8 pcf polyurethane foam
  • Coils: Individually wrapped coils (800 coils for a queen size)
  • Base: Stability foam base

No more worry about security related hassle

All the Apple users are quite familiar with the term called “iCloud”. This term is totally associated with security threats and all other perils related to the small device. No fear as the saviour is her and that is none other than this doulci activator. With the help of this website it is easy to do anything and everything in life. Hopefully, all the proud users of the Apple must abide by this fact.

doulci activator

Why should anyone opt for this website?

It is almost a challenge with all the proud users of the Apple that this is the best security option a person or a user can get as it is even equally decent at free version also. It has another paid version or premium version also of course but those who all have stored a lot of bugs in their system that is recommended only for them. Are you one of those virus stuck persons who all can’t think anything beyond the protection to the Apple system? The doulci activator can easily solve the problem by not let you rebooting your device or by pushing a user to the end of deleting some information or formatting it for the need of security actually. You need to think about the safety as well as the financial part also. The choice depends on you always so you are free to select any of those plans. There are several other websites which all deal with the same matters. You can try your luck on those websites but as far as the users are telling that this one is the best websites which will provide security to your Apple device. This one has premiere features like even tracing your call recordings also. That is simply wow enough to provide you an all-round protection from small types of threats also. Is not this lucrative features in this doulci activator is just awesome to grab the attention of any users.

Newbies in the world of the Apple

There can be few readers who all re like new comers in the glamorous world of the Apple. This is to let them abide that you should not indulge yourself into any types of perils and you should be over cautious about your likeness part also. If you feel like that you are simply disliking this doulci activator please feel free to migrate to some other websites also. You can take a look into other websites as well as applications also. The best part is to go through the customers reviews. Read the positives as well as the negative one as well. That is how you can decipher your need and what suits you the most. At the end of everything even you can make a simple difference in your life.

This post is enough for the beginners to know more about this doulci activator and how you can use it judiciously to save your Apple products– your apple of eye totally. Go for this website and see the change.

Instagram is the best social media

If you have crush on someone and recently meet a beautiful girl and you cannot forget her then view private instagrams because instagram is the perfect solution. In the present era instagram is a popular social media where you can find the pictures of your loved ones with beautiful pictures. Instragram is a famous social network where you can find beautiful pictures of people you want to see. But anyone cannot see those photos because if people keep their account private then it is not possible for you to see their pictures.

Now-a-days instagram become a famous social media site. You can find two types of account in instagram, one is public account and the other is private account. In the private account anyone can follow you and can see your pictures which you have post but in the private account there are strict settings so that only selected people can see the activities of the private account holder. You can see the private account holder’s activities if that people allows you and accept your request. If not so then you have to view private instagrams.

How to view private instagram profiles?

Everybody do not know how to view private instagrams but we have the answer. After reading this it will become easy for you to view private instagrams.

The easy way to view private instagrams profile is to send request to that person and if that person accepts your request then there will be no problem at all and you can easily see that persons profile and can also talk to him or her. You can send him or her a message and if the person reply to you then this is the best way. You have to make your profile decent so that she cannot reject your request.

The second option is create a fake ID. If you want to view private instagrams then creating a fake account is the best option. Create a fake account and select a girl’s  photo as a display picture. If you want to look at a girls account then this is the best way. This type of profile picture can accepted quickly.

The third option is probably the best one to view private instagrams profiles is to use Instagram profile viewing tools but it is a bit risky one. There are many private profile viwer tools by which you can easily view private instagrams profile. These tools helps you to see the hidden pictures of the private instagram accounts. While you visit the hack site you have to give your instagram user name. Then not only you can see the private instagram pictures but also download those pictures. While the site you may have to give some personal data but it is advised that not to give any types of personal information. The above three ways are for viewing private instagram profiles. It is better to follow the first step but if it is not possible then go for the private profile viewing too.